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Aug 2014
Your heart is corrupt
It's been beaten
Black and blue
It's partly your fault
But it's all of my tears

She was the other
A stranger, not family
She approached like a thief
Quiet upstart
A ***** in the night
Begging attention
Promising lust

It was word just on paper
Maybe nothing to her
Lies of the heart
To write what she wrote
To pen what she said...

It breaks my heart
Letters in read

Why did she come
This was not her man
She had had her own
Ignored him for span
Her sick soul
Craven, just sin
Disgusting, sick *****

She won't focus on her man
She came after mine
Broke his spirit, a gift won't shine
She wanted attention
A slutty, ***** *****

If she had spent her time
Where her man's intentions wore
Maybe her life
Not such a bore
Where she could look
If she could see
At my man, no more.
The Unbeliever
Written by
The Unbeliever  Limbo
     The Messiah Complex, --- and ---
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