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Aug 2014
Remember when these words leapt from my mouth, letters became gazelles bounding across the high plains of my tongue
rolling off my lips like a ship cresting the waves of a treacherous storm ravaged sea
Thrown to and fro, sloshing along the surface with the inertia of 24 years of anticipation pushing them to the edge
Anxiously awaiting to be propelled into the open air, like bullets in the chamber of the rifle itching for the pull of a hair-pin trigger never being depressed
Remember when the similes that ran within me flowed like the mighty Mississippi, etching away at the banks running from the spring of my mind to the delta of my fingertips
pouring upon the page as if each finger became an estuary for my passion
Remember when the discovery of new words left my mind racing, searching for the synonyms that fit every aspect of my emotions at that precise moment
Perhaps the night required the depth of more enchanting words to shed light on my thoughts that the moon could never replicate
Whereas the day needed the lightness of my carefree views to float on as clouds casting shadows to provide the shelter you craved
Never fulfilled unless the expression of my soul was understood beyond pages and ink, splattered for your enjoyment
Remember when I never needed poetry because the life I lived was art in itself
Remember when I felt fulfilled with who I had become
Remember when...
Sean C Johnson
Written by
Sean C Johnson  AK
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