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Jul 2014
You can have
All that you dream
Said my dad
Eyes opening

From that moment
A ****** for lust
Was my main component

Wealth was a must
No one to trust
Hated everyone, except green faces
I guess I had become a racist

Skate through class, got a degree
But only thought of luxury
Traded all my friendships
For full time internships

As you work your way up the latter
Money becomes all that matters
Bank account high, seven digits
Before my age was five times six

But how can you flaunt it to your **** list
When you lack time to even spend it?
So confined, in this concrete jungle
No love of mine, I'd ever stumble

Trapped within the US dollar
Perhaps I shouldn't have even bothered
But now I wear the golden handcuffs
Without a key, I try to stand tough

If I was poor, I'd be less happy
Another round, and make it snappy
Drown myself in fine wine
And crown myself after I snort my line

Set the alarm and sink to bed
I wish I couldeve seen ahead
I wish my father would have told me
Zeros and commas, can make you lonely.
Justin Time
Written by
Justin Time  New York
(New York)   
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