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Jul 2014
Sweet summer's sun
I don't see your light
I only see November
Sleet, snow, and ice
I pick and I scramble
Shovel this snow
Such a great weight

Another women has come
Brought by the waste
Disrupting this family
Tratiorous June's fate
Can't trust a word, too late

The weatherman's forecast
Warm sunny skies, no clouds
No Melissa, no Jennifer, no Kate
Your pictures a warning
An empty sky, so fake
Bitter and cold, broken my home
Children cry, yelling to sleep

I wondered for why
June just didn't try
Too many strange voices
Around, telling her why
Never to stay, June, only to go

Blanket this field
***** and white
**** all the flowers
Cold burn the life
Butterflies, they cry
Birds cannot fly
Deep drowning white

But somehow I knew
Instinct runs true
Words mean nothing
The sky is not blue
Hypocrital too
The Unbeliever
Written by
The Unbeliever  Limbo
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