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Jul 2014
Feel his heart, a poet's lie
Too close to flame
No words for love
His arms around me
Holding me close
No sleep for me
Too hot, too confined

It's not what I'm used to
Wanting, yes, it's my need
But too close, I'm not to be saved
His gentle snore, breathe on skin
He twitches, a ****** gasp
I ****, scared, asleep he holds
Closer against him, thoughts aflame

I don't deserve him, draw away
Push him over, away
My need alone
Maybe an hour, sleep illusive
He reaches for me

I am his need, he worships my ***
But it's all a lie, slight physical need
His eyes closed, burns my spirit
He knows me so well,
He hasn't the right
My feeling, my sleeve
My stories, my own

How can he reach for me?
Want to hold me so close?
He shrugs my anger, blunts my danger
He says he knows, impossible lies
By he reaches, always reaches

I'm not special, no diamond's shine
Beautiful, stunning and perfect
He says, he doesn't know
I see my soul, in a reflective
Sad, tearful poem
Men and their lies
Lustful lies
The Unbeliever
Written by
The Unbeliever  Limbo
   Creep, --- and life's jump
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