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Jul 2014
I am forever marked
My body has the scars
Of a thousand wounds
But there is one
That stands alone

A permanent friend
Arrived from a cheated trust
A gift that keeps on giving
A reminder forever
Assigned inside

Scorn from my mother
Oh she made me cry
Cried and cried some more
Her looks of shame
I was her badge
Her blame
But not for me

It's my shame, my pain
It burns as much as the gift
Wrapped in my package
Not plain, wonderfully curved
Brilliantly long, exceptional and dark

I told a man once
He was so kind
It warmed my heart
He saw past
Although nothing there
I doubt he remembers
He loved me past that

But when it came to choices, plan
I made mine without him
My mother always said
I have up too easily
Quit, without effort

My mother, jealousy enraged
Stubby fingers deep in my life
Her victim's mind
She wanted me, her slave
When he stole my heart
She plots and plans
Stolen away

I cannot go back to him
Not again, that one good man
Embarrassed like before
But now, for pride
I stare at the phone
Willing it to ring
Crying some more

I will not call
I cannot talk
I hear that song
It breaks my heart
My tear never dry

He would take me close
Hold me too long
Have my precious love
He would say, see?
I love you more
His words mean nothing
She drove me, I'm alone

Everyday I wonder
I miss his kiss
Every morning
His arms around me
All night, he loved me more
I could never tell him
I could do nothing more
The Unbeliever
Written by
The Unbeliever  Limbo
   amrutha and PC classic
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