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Jul 2014
Did you find it sad
That we went from
Watching horror movies at 7am
Leaning against each other
And hiding smiles
To never smiles
Unless it was sarcasm
That was shot down by the other
Then mocked by their friends.
For a second there you had me
I almost trusted you
I almost told you why I found this moment special
Because I went from tearing my hair out
To laughing more often
But just as I was about to let you in
I got shut out.
Everything subsided
I started blasting music alone
While you criticized every move I made
Behind my back.
But don't act like I never knew that
Because I did
Word travels fast between mutual friendships.
I got used to being alone again
But the only thing that still hurts me
Is that I didn't say goodbye that evening
Because I thought we'd see each other this way again
You didn't say goodbye that evening
Because you knew it was going to be over.
Oh, how I wish I had the courage
To walk up to you
Look you in the eye
And say
And when you ask why I bothered
I'd respond
"I never had a reason to before.
So goodbye
My old painkiller
You kept me up way too many nights
What I did
That was so wrong."
"When you go,
Would you even turn to say,
I Don't Love You
Like I did,
Written by
Mik Josefchuk
   Samantha Homann
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