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Dec 2010
I see many things
I see the good and the bad
The hard times and the wonderful times
As I leaf through the newspaper
I see a world of chaos
The war overseas is destroying our lives
I see people dying, lying, cheating and stealing
In our country the very place we call home
Satan is in our mist
The devil has got his horns on this world
And won’t let loose
And I’m just sitting here waiting
Waiting on the other shoe to drop
I look around me and I wonder
What this world is becoming to
Judgment day is nipping at the back of our heels
And were not ready
Were to occupied with crime, punishment and greed
We don’t even bother to look up and take notice
It’s like we have shields on our eyes
Blocking that 6th sense we are supposed to have
Our instinct is no longer there
Foreign to our minds
Decapitated from our thoughts
Written by
Quarnisha Williams
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