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Jul 2014
You probably think that it's simple being me
I'll make it very clear
So that you can hear
That sometimes I want another route
Sometimes I just want to simply get out

I think sometimes of how I am quickly failing
You probably saw it and just thought I was ******* and wailing
That I was a whiner, loser and complainer
When I was just struggling trying to stay saner
Whether or not you cared or bothered to see
You must have known you were mentally torturing me
As I struggled and struggled all throughout
Just simply trying to get out

I sometimes think about how I am trapped
That I could escape to a place untapped
That I could move and hide somewhere safely
But you don't care to listen, you haven't cared lately
That I wanted to escape somewhere new to sprout
That all I want is to simply get out

I think sometimes that I wish I wasn't me
I pray to God that He will see
That there is someone else I would rather be
That I could not feel so trapped and wallow about
That I could simply just get out

I sometimes drive home and it's quiet
Radio's out and now my head is a riot
I think the thoughts I think
And then my heart begins to sink
That this flesh I could begin to peel
If I just turn the steering wheel
Taking me to a different route
Finding a simple way to get out
Written by
Harrison W  26/M
   Pea and ---
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