Dec 2010

Standing here on the edge of this LOFTY CLIFF,   Simply Admiring the "HANDY-WORK" of GOD...   I was Listening to  the Hundreds of Thoughts  "DANCING" thru my mind,  sort of like a Scroll,  so I could  "BACK-TRACK" and consider for  "REVIEW" that which had passed  .    AND..with tears in my eyes  as I thought of all those in NEED,,....  Why not create a NEW-KIND  OF COMPANY,,"made-up" OF  all  kinds of skills ! !                                SO MY *MIND  INVISIONED A  COMPANY , that needed  people  with the following  *SKILLS = ( #1)= A person needed with melodies Racing thru his MIND ,so that couldn't help but "NAUTCH"  from office to office....  (#2)=  A person who wakes  "MOOING"  AND  knows how to use "Neats-Foot-Oil" ...    (#3)= A person to screen all Previous "POLITICIANS"  for their "NAVVIES" *skills....  (#4)= A person  with the ability to teach "LAPIDITY"  to others, so we could  "CUT-DOWN" on use of copy machine...   (#5)= A person to be Director of our Company "PLAY" { party}. Titled  "RETURN OF  CONE-HEADS"  and make sure the  "OBCONIC"  attraction is in a "FULL-POWER"  Position....            These first FIVE ,the company is in  "NEED-OF" pronto ! !_  My thoughts  ,were now  directed to the  "NON-STOP" ringing  of the *APPLICANTS SEEKING JOBS PHONES"  __WOW.....  I'd Better HURRY back to the "CLIFF-EDGE" ..     There Must be THOUSANDS    Seeking to Get these jobs! !   "GOSH"--I BETTER COME -UP with some *NEW-DEPARTMENTS    --- ( let me know if *Y O U * have any Ideas for *NEW-KIND of Jobs!    "I CAN GET BY WITH A "LITTLE" HELP FROM MY FRIENDS"   DO YOU?__HAVE  OPENING TIME FOR FRIENDS  ???

copyright @2010  barnoahMike              Mike Ham
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