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Jul 2014
so he found himself
on the dark side of the moon
still casting shadows

she got so dizzy
she felt an eternal pull
she was all oceans

he was salt and rocks
chrysanthemums, hydrangeas
slow-starting stories

goblins in her past
demons devouring pureness
contorted bodies

he watched her spine break
for the sake of gravity
he reassembled

they had never met
his eyes were like a car crash
she thought to herself

he thought her divine
her eyes were like homicide
he thought to himself

they kissed in winter
there was no snow on the ground
and they were not cold

he was chaotic
and he breathed paranoia
please, don't leave me here

in youth, her nose bled
she owned headaches and monsters
he made her stagger

he came from the dark
the blood changed with the impact
you're going to leave me

he made her ugly
painted her with crude colors
and made her nose bleed

still casting shadows
chrysanthemums, hydrangeas
hidden in the moon

she did leave him but
he has still yet to leave her
and she's still dizzy
poem no. 8 of the guillotine narratives
twelve caesuras
Written by
twelve caesuras  suicide notes, love poems
(suicide notes, love poems)   
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