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Jul 2014
He grasps stardust in his
Sand they turn truly lovely
In one hand 

The edges glint golden rusty and Brown they turn

The color of lovely shriveled  late 
Autumn leaves
They sink soundly to the ground
Smell of raw;
Earthy taste moist like rich bread and wine
 So red his lips have not 

The look of innocence
Stripped  naked like bark chiseled wood

How I would love them forever

My vain endeavour

Still he lays partially
Amongst the blotchy patch of shade as

Lovingly sways 
To the sound of his

Darling he sleeps as the Sheep watch over him

My little Sheppard boy
Dreamingly sound
May rippling waters of your subconscious mind settle to shore

Tides emerge in deepest
Violently crash into the
Crimson colored  rocky edge of the 
Stone face cliff
Now faced with thick
Cumulonimbus clouds that 
Cloud the dawn's last fiery 

Streaks of lightening
Silhouette whip upon his
Face and like thunder the
Roar not in pain 
But in vigorous anger as
The ringmaster bows at the
Choking applaud of the
Painted audience

The wind unweaves grassy tangles in your hair
Tormenting  suitors 

You messily please
Imperfectly perfect that you are able to 
Appeal as effortlessly
Dressed in natures blend
Like a jar of 
Roasted nuts
Of assorted trail mix

You lay there 
Decorated in earth's blankets of roots Grass
Twigs leaves

How it hurts to leave
I'd sit here loving you


Twist peering down upon
Deepest desires
Swept in eternal sleep

I join your slumber
Drift into dream where I 
May wake up finding you
Beside me
Where sleep steals me upon
Your shoulder 

Warmth of arms lightly
Dawn red as a match in the
Distance slowly 
Surrendering to nights cold

But the stars 
Whispers of compliments to
The moon

Each night loved you kindly
Each star a kiss upon your

May the stars love you Sweeter than they have Loved me

But darling I've loved you 
Writers note:

A poem written by me not too far back but far back enough for me to feel the need to edit {which I did mainly syntax-wise  beside the layout was too raw to read properly aha, not like it's significantly easier now}
I wrote in lengthy passion.

Sweet & kind love captivates me
The childlike and innocent
Though so easily it spoils.
Written by
The Master Quibbler
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