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Jul 2014
She was fine...
until she noticed what the other girls were wearing
that her clothes were bigger, baggier, they covered more skin
that her hair wasn't curled, dyed, or styled in a special way
that she had no make up or nail polish
that guys would stare at girls that weren't like her

Thoughts were multiplying like roaches that crawled across pavements soaked in the cokes that she was drinking
Some were constant
like how she wasn't good enough because she wasn't cute or pretty or skinny
that the faces that she made in photos weren't attractive
guys called it creepy
her friends knew it wasn't cute
She started hating standing next to girls who were all prettier than her
She hated photos
Skipped out on graduation
Never went to formals
and never wanted to dress up

She weighs herself after every meal hoping that numbers would crunch down
that a gap would from between her thighs
that her arms looked smaller when she wore T-shirts
that she wouldn't have to be so hungry after she puked
3 days, 4, 7...
that somebody would love her instead of having to end up being anorexic or bulimic
Written by
Daniel  Canada
   Emma Chatonoir
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