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Jul 2014
See I'm shy and I'm meek because I think before I speak
I'm the head of the Indians so they call me head chief
smoking on that natural but I'm far from the natural used to be a skaterboy so  you can call me Mr radical    
I'm broke to society no money in my pockets but that could never stop the  blasting of my rocket  
no man can hold me down no women will lift me up  I'm just a man thinking of a higher plan where we all stand hand in hand  
I'm baked my eyes heavy from the weight dreamin up a better place when I think of the words my minds soon erased  
why are we paying to  live when life was givin to us freely I may sound a Lil crazy but I think were all missing some screws
I dnt run with anybody I'm not bangin no crew I'm jus young man trying to spread the truth
its not something that's taught but is inside of you  its the Lil voice that's always calling you to stand up and say *** your job and do what you really wanna do
so maybe we're all shy and meek but that's OK kuz we all jus been Asleep listen to what I'm saying life ain't cheap but life doesn't have a price if you get what  I mean!
We all are  one being searching for the same things besides the ones in charge shitin on our dreams  
they  don't want us to change kuz were ****** with there scheme they got you believing everything on the screen instead formulating your opinion and chasing  your dream
we are in a stream of delusion tainted with illusion causing mass confusion  religions misused to keep us  confused and infused in a certain set of rules
if heaven were real we'd all miserably fail but because of the divine were all posting bail only you can free yourself from a life of hell its within all of us
we are the keys to our cell!
Emancipate yourself!
Junior ideal legacy
Written by
Junior ideal legacy  vegas
   Sameer Denzi
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