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Jul 2014
"Move on", they said
So I took a step
"Learn from it."
So I never stopped studying even a bit.

But I didn't know which book to read
Who was I to plead?
Who would give me answers
When I'm the only person who's after

From who we were used to be
I have always wanted to see
The way we were before
On that distant blue shore

When you first told me you love me
It was like those waves hit me
It was an invitation card

To your heart
Sent personally
You were so lovely
With those eyes

That once cried from my lies
I have always been so sorry
For everything and told you not to worry
"You were the only person I wanted."

But it still took me to find another
I was confused
And I made you feel used
You decided to end our relationship being together

Because it wasn't just only about love for each other
Trust and loyalty
We lost each other that instant
When it took me years to have you when you were so distant
Axl Rose
Written by
Axl Rose  Manila, Philippines
(Manila, Philippines)   
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