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Jul 2014
I didn’t know how we were so
In love that I didn’t know how
We were so reckless and selfless
I had no idea how to love you any less

You made me feel so blissful
Didn’t notice how rainbow could be so colorful
We were always happy together
I was so sure we would be able to get anywhere

With our love so strong
Feels like nothing was ever wrong
You gave me sunshine during nights
Then a moon that ever shines so bright

But you didn’t give me that same light during days
When I can see all clearly
The way you blink and every other thing of your detail
And so I’ve read that this is all going to end, just like those fairy tales

You were my shining armor
You were my happy ever after
The one who’d find me with the lost shoe
Who’d still consider me the fairest of them all

But you were also the one who hurt me
The person who’d spill all my secrets
The villain I’d forever regret having
The person who knows exactly what was about me worth destroying

So I guess if this means we need an ending like all those tales do
I’d make it sure I’m the one who’s choosing
So I had to close the book
‘Cause I finally realized how fiction looks
Axl Rose
Written by
Axl Rose  Manila, Philippines
(Manila, Philippines)   
   Amber Flowers
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