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Jul 2014
Is it my imagination or is your rudeness warranted
I don’t believe I have a “use-n-throw” written on my heart
Cause if I remember you felt this connection distinct
Without words, without saying a thing.

Tell me how, then the connections reset.
Your words like knife cutting my rest.

Pesky and pushy I may be to your eyes
But I don’t think it was like this sometime back
You’d write to ask me why I was quiet
What’s happened now, why the fight?

A torn chapter I may seem in your book of life
But, for me it was more than that..
Its easy for you to break my heart
I can see that’s just your way to start

Fickle, is your love I can see
Because you didn’t have your way with me.

You see you couldn’t stand the test
I was right, to have bade the time.
For your true colors have now surfaced.
I was nothing but a game at best.

You didn’t succeed and so your wrath has now descended on me
"Ignore", is your best weapon against me.

Try as you might to cut me deep into two.
I will not respond as you want me to.
For my love was not fickle and not blithe
For I truly loved and love you and not on hindsight.

I did what I could do, never wanted to fool you.
Why should I tell you what is not true?
For I rather cut my heart out than feed you a lie.

You know this love was dead before it began.
I still did let my heart that fanciful flight
Hoping that you would understand my plight.

Now I can see, all too clearly.
I do not want to say it, but is shinning fiercely
Yet, I will never judge your attitude
For who am I, someone you never held close.

So adieu, adieu, may our paths never cross
I am leaving you with these words, my very last.

May God bless you my love…may you find your hearts desire
May you find what you are truly looking for
For in your happiness, I shall find my fire
Not a wicked word shall cross my lips
For you, forever…..
Can you love someone so much, that you can say goodbye, so they can go find what they are looking for, if its not you?
Written by
     Kataleya, blythe, Erenn and Timothy
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