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Jul 2014
Oh goody maidens and gentlemans here,
Thou engulfed in facades 'til all'st adieu,
Let'st all notion the curtains to draw'st near,
For those who upon false 'motions act true,
Shall tell'st a tale for which light'st shall share.
Among'st these halls, thee fairest maiden, lives,
Whose beauty gallants the darkly chambers,
And too thee state for loyalty gives,
'pon 'tis hammock lights fiery ambers,
'Til in deathly slumber shall life forgives.
Shall dearest queen*, thy body in deathly snow,
Wandering thee halls as'h a restless soul...
A poem influenced by a sign on a church saying "You do not have a soul, you are a soul and you have a body" - thus in death shall the queen shed her body and wander as what she truly is, a soul. A reference to a past poem by J.M.Wong entitled "Josephine, the Queen".
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
     ---, Nanna Harrow Haley Y and Jay M Wong
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