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Jul 2014
I'm a representation of existence
My bona fide
valiant side;
is only just a corporeality...

I am an entity.

Something that survives
on all mat-er-ial-istic problems.
Trying to break the hives.

I have many needs
things I'm trying to conceive.
incarnated, in this ****** display.
Hoping that specter
comes out of the dark
and plays.

I am connected.
To specter's company.
Because we possess the same energy.
₁. Bona Fide: real

Insight: What makes us beings is not our bodies driving off of consciousness, but subconsciously what makes us our true selves is just matters of energy trapped inside our bodies. Think about, ghosts (specters) have you ever experienced seeing or feeling 'something' there. well that is pretty much us in our true forms. Once we experience death, there will be a few paths to choose from, to either reincarnate and leave your "old self," and reach enlightenment by restarting your soul existence, or go over a stage of taking a look at your current existence, and make sense of it. Those encounters we have that we cannot explain are the connections we make to a lost soul or entity (like ourselves) trying to reach out.

☓IG: Asteriart
Melissa Eleanore
Written by
Melissa Eleanore  Cali
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