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Jul 2014
Heron Blue, above the ocean
Along the marshes and the shores,
What is it that you see, which concerns you so?

When the oceans rise - take flight, for you are free
To find new shelter along the inland seas;
Let your instincts be your guide
And you shall survive

But what of us, I ask:
Such fragile human beings we have become:
That we no longer know how to care for oursleves

Heron Blue asked: and whose fault is that?
You have failed to follow the ways of the land
And no longer trust your instincts to help you
Survive in this ever changing world.

It is true: we no longer remember the ways of the past
Or follow the teachings and guidance that were
Once freely given to us.

Our truths have vanished and we are lost.
Heron Blue please be our guide.

FOR RICHARD: Thank you for sharing life lessons with me.

       S:  What a great doctor, friend and mentor

       O:  Medical Doctor, Listener, Guide, Teacher, Friend

        A:  You have reached out to so many and by doing so
               have enriched the world beyond belief.

        P:  Heron Blue guide us.

FOR RICHARD: Thank you for sharing life lessons with me.
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