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Jul 2014
At one point you referred to me as your Romeo
And you were my Juliet
It seems we had our falling out
But have yet to see our last breath
Oh Juliet if you were here
In my arms, I'd hold you dear
What hardship we had faced before
Caught me off guard I swear to death
If I could have that moment back
You'd still be here with me
Oh Juliet I miss you so
I just wish I could make you see
I've watched you fall in and out of love
With so many other guys
If only you would turn around
And see I'm still right by your side
We call each other the best of friends
But if you knew, you'd feel so bad
Oh Juliet I'll hide away
All these feelings that I have
I'd rather see you happy
Than stressed beyond belief
But no matter what i do or try
It's not good enough since it's me
Oh Juliet one day you'll see
The words I write for you
And at that time I hope you'll know
Im still hit with cupids bow.
Indigo Prince
Written by
Indigo Prince  Monterey
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