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Jul 2014
How does the debt effect the economy now?

What would Jesus do? 

He would intentionally get some folks to execute him in the one of the most painful ways imaginable.  What can you do like Jesus would do?

Jesus walked into the desert without food or water for forty days and forty nights.  Would you do that? 

When he was out there Jesus thought God was talking to him but it was really Satan pretending to be God.  Jesus figured this out by letting go of his pride completely and being willing to suffer through unspeakable to sacrifice himself for Mankind.  Could you do that?

Is Satan talking to you right now?

Do you feel a little angry?

Are *** and violence connected in our genes?

Do the stars have souls that burn?

What terrors haunt your dreams at night?

Is your love enough to save you?

What is the first thing you remember.

For what principle would you fight?

Would Jesus dig Rock-n-Roll?

Can you really know what is a lie?

Will it be sunny again tomorrow?

Will I make it through the night?

Can you feel my kisses softly up inside your soul?

Since when does might make right?
Gregory K Nelson
Written by
Gregory K Nelson  39/M/Connecticut
   Modern Serenity and ---
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