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Jul 2014
she lay in darkness
listening to some sad song
some careless young heart with a version
of some sweet old melody
she lay wrapped in my arms
lay wrapped in her wandering thoughts
i bring her herbal teas and a ashtray
but the grey ash already litters our perfect world
like stains of regret on a untainted heart

she leaves the towel on the tiles
along with her delicate footprints
leading to the window where she lingered
brushing her long straight burgundy hair
brushed a hundred times carefully
a hundred moments drinking her with my eyes
but to her she was
alone in the mirror of her eyes
alone in the rain of her dream

she made eggs and toast
left it neatly adorned on the
table overlooking tomorrow
picture perfections of lives she promises
one day we will someday live
when shes no longer afraid of her yesterdays
one day when her voice will no longer echo
all the fears and sadness
one day when the delicate footprints
lead to sunshine
instead of further into the darkness
into the brilliant sadness of night

she carved a driftwood boat
and set to sail upon the still waters
of her dreams
set into its lovingly crafted world
was a neat photograph of her alone in the rain
with footprints beating a trail back to my safer bathroom
but i'm not home anymore
i'm no-ones home anymore
i'm just a figurine gathering dust
an echo of her dreams

she will wake
to find me gone
she will just lay in silk sheets
and dream away the yesterdays
to the sounds of some careless young hearts song
set to a timeless melody
like a stolen kiss forgotten
like a smile unanswered
soft and filled with tears
mark john junor
Written by
mark john junor  59/M
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