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Jul 2014
I saw your poem.
Those words of hatred.
I'm not getting the last dance.
Do I care?
Not so much.
You think your
clever use of words hurts me.
Your poetic way with words
used to put me in a trance.
Not anymore.
I tried to steal?
Not so much.
You love her?
Good, I'm glad.
She's one of my best friends.
I would never do that to her.
Go to hell.
You were so kind,
so charming.
I wrote a poem,
you left,
never to return.
This goodbye is certainly a good one.
I haven't thought about you
in a long time.
You wrote the poem two months ago.
Two months.
The first week was the only week
I actually cared.
Not so much.
goodbye old friend.
I hope to never see you again.
But if I do?
Don't say hello.
Don't apologize.
Don't even smile.
Just keep walking.
Walk away and don't look back.
You were able to do it online,
now just do it in real life.
I won't apologize.
I will walk on like you aren't there.
I will let it go.
I will smile to myself.
I will be proud to have let go.
you only had one chance.
You think it was me
who ruined the friendship.
It was really you.
You make her happy.
If you hurt her,
I will hurt you.
Her heart is fragile,
don't leave it in pieces.
Did you see my poem?
I hope so.
Read it carefully.
It's all you will get out of me.
Read this too--
Goodbye. Forever.
Tee Jay
Written by
Tee Jay
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