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Jul 2014
Charge the charge card
That is what it is for after all
Charge the charge card
Even though I am completely broke

I need to play golf again and again
To make it through this difficult time

I feel like a failure at times
Unable to change my life

Oh well, my time will come
I have read many great minds
Going back to the beginning of time

This life is some test
So is golf
Each moment I must concentrate
Play every round like it is my last

My father taught me how to hate
With all his mean and obnoxious comments
Lord help me forgive him

I'm playing eighteen tomorrow
I don't care how much it costs
It's a battle out there
Grinding on each shot

I'm going to be a teacher
I'm going to teach for a long time
I don't believe in retirement
The way our economy is, I will probably never get to retire anyhow

The middle class is being decimated in this country
The dollar is being devalued as the Fed continues its policy of quantitative easing

I don't think I am going to find a job this upcoming year
I think I might have to keep living here
Things are getting awfully tough
This life can be tough and mean

Maybe I'll meet someone one day who gives a **** about me
Well, at least there is Jesus
I have read God's word and know it well

I have been set aside by society
Like some type of cast away
I am not sure why
I try to always be a kind and considerate person

I am an intellectual
I love philosophy and history
Life is a great saga
I love my stuffed animals
Feels good to hold them because I have always been alone
Laugh at me if you want
I don't care
There is no shame in having stuffed animals

Well, it's a mean tough road
I'm poor and in debt
But I will charge the charge card
That's what its for after all
I will charge the charge card
To make my parents pay
For every mean comment
That they have said over and over
Written by
Matt  34/M/Los Angeles
(34/M/Los Angeles)   
   --- and Awesome Annie
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