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Nov 2010
I think that you would be surprised,
how much I think about you.
If you only knew just what I thought about,
you'd be really amazed how crazy I am about you.
When you hold me in your arms,
my entire world stands still.
My everything is right,
my everything is standing before me.
Big blue eyes staring back at me,
so beautiful and right.
Your touch is gentle and warm,
taking away all my pain.
You know just how to hold me,
just how to soothe me.
I don't understand how I missed,
I didn't know for years.
But now here we are in a moment,
everything stands still.

But her.
That girl.
The one you're with.
What about her?

You don't want to be with her,
and everything seems so complicated.
But I don't know, sweetie,
just how long I can stand.|
To share you, with her,
to have you go between.
I've come to be 'the other woman',
someone I've avoided till now.
And hunny, I wish you knew,
just how I felt about this whole ordeal.

I'm falling,
falling quickly,
falling fast,
but can you catch me,
while you're holding her?
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
   ---, Morgan Percy and Shanna Howse
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