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Jul 2014
For the past two hours
this Mac has hypnotised
my gaze to its white screen
and every website has
sentries at the door -
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When did we become so
chary one of another ?  Were
folks so paranoid in the pre-
digital age when existence
had not been magicked into
noughts and ones in Silicon
Valley?  It did not seem so.

(c) C J Heyworth July 2014
The surreal sci-fi novels written by Douglas Adams had a hugely comic character called Marvin The Paranoid Android.
I suspect that the advent of modern technologies and their endless capability to snoop has turned all of us into a generation of Marvins.
Christopher James Heyworth
Written by
Christopher James Heyworth  Blackpool Lancs UK
(Blackpool Lancs UK)   
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