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Nov 2010
The light of morning,
moving slowly across your face,
The blue in the sky matching your eyes,
your arms wrapped around me.
I lay next to you,
breathing in everything you are,
Falling into you deeper, deeper,
everything right, everything makes sense.
This moment all I've waited for,
years I've only dreamed,
And here, I swear, I'm dreaming,
holding you, holding me.
Your smile wide across your face,
you're warming my heart,
The butterflies spin and spiral,
and I'm falling.
I can't stop smiling now,
you've got me in the air,
And when your lips touch mine,
my heart beats out of my chest.
Everything is right,
everything makes sense,
I'm falling for you,
catch me if you can ...
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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