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Jul 2014
It's 4:20 a.m
and I'm wide awake
my thoughts consume me
a little bit of ***** does me no good
my feelings are still circling
i think of you
all of you
within the world of everyone else
i wonder how we became to be
is it a blessing or a curse
or something that will grow with time?
the most we can do is trust ourselves
and know what WE want as individuals
I know what i want
do you know what you live for?
your feelings are captivated within the world of substance
every buzz you can get
i worry
for you
i long for the MAN i once knew
the strong, hardworking, goal-seeking man
i know you are there
you just need to trust in the essence of patience and timing
the world is boring at times
and with that you need understand
that the good times come in spurts
enjoy the love, silence, and slow moments that flow
in the evanescence  of peace
we are here to hold each other
but one cannot hold the other up for life
i need you to carry the work too
its me and you
not me
and you alone
we need each other
now I'm rambling
you know what i mean
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