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Jul 2014
she became submissive to the burning of her throat , that left her on cloud 9
Inhaling the illegal substance to ease her mind of her imperfections and exhaling her biggest fears of morality
She started to lose her morals as time went on
The only thing that left her mouth was smoke that clouded her vision

Wanting to be accepted by everyone she lost her dignity in the big cup of liquor that she managed to down in one gulp  
Closing her eyes trying to block out the images of her old life
Fighting the urge to not drink anymore one more cup turned into three , three turned into six ,
Why her?
Adding more ruby red lipstick to her now numb lips to make sure her lips shine through the glossy vision of ***** shadows

she painted a picture of perfectionist in her mind as she applied ruby red lipstick amongst her lips and added a clear coat of lip gloss to seal the secrets
Using massacre to hide every tear drop that left her big brown eyes
As if she was going to war with herself
Her dignity
Her pride
Eye shadow
Lip stick
Massacre to seal the battle wounds
Was her daily dosage of forgiveness
Trying to forgive herself for allowing her secrets to smudge as she opened up something that was so pure
Her heart

Looking down at her body she started to feel insecure so she added more blush to her now covered face but she was a makeup artist
Adding more blush to hide the hand prints from the other night
Massacre to hide the tear drops that she managed to squeeze out when her submissive ways battered like a beaten woman that lived in the projects
Eye shadow , that covered the darkness around her eyes because she hasn't slept in days
And finally her favorite ...
Ruby red lipstick to make her stand out even when the lights were off
She wanted everyone to notice her but only covered enough so her imperfect life wouldn't smudge
I am a makeup artist ..
Written by
Tash Carter  Chicago
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