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Jun 2014
You were going to teach me to snowboard
and watch me fall on my ***
uncountable times and laugh until I threw a snowball at your face.
I was going to watch you longboard as I licked the $2 ice cream cone I'd bought.
The one you insisted on licking before boarding off into the sunset.
It hurts that we act like none of this ever happened
because you didn't even tell me you were leaving.
You didn't get to see the makeup run down my face
or the tears escape my eyes.
I don't get to know the reason you left me alone.
Even though we act like we're both fine,
are you off feeling lonely
wondering where I am?
Because we up and dropped those dreams we once shared.
And though we act like we're both fine,
It's easy for me to put up a front
and act it all out.
Maytin Paige
Written by
Maytin Paige
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