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Nov 2010
Testing, testing 123
testing 1,2,3
is this on cuz I dont think you hear me
Let me speak my piece
before you interrupt my thoughts
my frame of mind, my inner conscience
Letting you in on the secret
I hold dear to my heart
of what you would call

Open your eyes and realize
that your hiding behind
dark glasses so that you wont see no evil
Blinded by these shades
so that you wont have to see the truth
content to be ignorant of the happenings around you
Pretending to be wise about
the things thats going down
Thinking that the world revolves around you
and that it will not pass you by

You need too wake up and smell that
fresh brewed coffee or the roses
what ever it takes to light that bulb that floats above your head
You need to take matters in your own hands
Cuz your destiny is yours to mold and control
So stop foot dragging and half-stepping
pick up the pace or you will be the last
to cross that tape in this race

Testing, testing
yall dont hear me
turn the volume up
Let me spit these words in your head
to jump start your brain
so that you can formulate and understand
What Im saying that you are the future
and let no one interfere in your plans
So keep your face up and then you to
Will..get..your…mic check
Written by
Quarnisha Williams
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