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Jun 2014
I use to see you in the sunlight.
Until the sun died,
Growing so dim,
The earth was forced to dwell,
In eternal night.

The sky blazed with angry stars.
Glittering and glinting with,
Malice and envy because they will never rest again.
Men would expect to much of them.
Making wishes on their fallen,
Leaving gaps in the sky open,
Hating the sun for being so selfish.

The earth becomes,
Cold and Ice blue.
A wasteland of hate.
And Plants wither and die,
Loathing the moon.

Chaos expels,
Gushing from the wounds.
Hurricanes, Oozes from gashes,
Tipped and ripped from its roots,
Because of the imbalance in the universe.

The sun went out like candle light,
From the winds that came from your lips
As you blew it out with a smile.
Leaving the world to die slowly.

Setting off wars,
Threatening extinction,
Causing epidemics,
Brewing disasters,
And Hunger...
Existence relies on your power.
But you are to ignorant to see it.
Everything revolves around you.
Everything suffers because of it too.
Sometimes I just start writing without even thinking about whats coming out and when i see the results sometimes I cant even define what I wrote. This is one of those. Tell me what you thin because I am loss. I wasnt sure what to name this either.
Deneka Raquel
Written by
Deneka Raquel
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