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Jun 2014
It's hard to breathe
And weird to touch
I was acting so normal
And I was thinking too much

Trying hard
To figure out
Moving onward
Engulfed in doubt

Don't look back
Too much pain
And in fact
Nothing to gain

Filled with knots
Wasted time
I got a penny for my thoughts
When I deserved a dime

Who's to say what's true
I never said I was right
Guess I never knew
It's not worth the fight

Thinking about before
Don't know who I was
Could have closed the door
And never been an "us"

Said you would stay
Promised you could
Chose to walk away
I knew you would

Everything was fine
Said we'd never part
Knew it was a line
But gave you my heart

I'll take the blame
I've always known
I played your game
You lost alone

I know you know
There's more to give
You were a stepping stone
I have a life to live

Hard to love
Weird to trust
Acting typical
Think it was lust

You told me to be strong,
Then you left
Crístál Válęntíná
Written by
Crístál Válęntíná  New York
(New York)   
   Kida Price
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