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Jun 2014
Your voice grew shaky,
as mine grew weak.
“Please, tell me you’re okay.”
I could hear your car keys jingling,
you were on your way here.
I did not want to tell you that
it would definitely be too late
by the time you got here,
I was already dying,
I didn’t need to **** you too.
“Answer me, please.”
Suddenly there was sobbing,
you were growing more hysterical
by the second.
Part of me wanted to apologize,
part of me didn’t.
Because you are crying now,
tears are streaming down your face,
voice concerned.
But you could not care less
that one night at 3:32am.
I tried to tell you,
I am so sorry that you didn’t listen.
I didn’t mean for this to happen,
you should’ve told me sooner.
Don’t say it, not now.
“I’m in love with you,
please answer me.”
No no no no no.
My voice is too weak to apologize,
God, I’m so sorry.
Written by
Taylor  Tennessee
   Benji James
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