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Jun 2014
So she sat there and waited
what else could she do?

You keep asking yourself,
did you make the right choice.

Was leaving the right decision
and if it was – why?

There’s no one out there
like her.

Like the waves hitting the
sharpest and most poisonous rocks.

Like the bolt of lightening
lighting up the sky.

Like the bitter cold
of the fall turning into winter.

Like the hurricanes
that let nothing stop them.

She was everything

And there is not a girl
more beautiful,

Than one who wreaks havoc
with a side effect of beauty.

But you left didn’t you.
May I remind you, it’s okay.

Because you didn’t deserve her
in the first place.

Do not blame her,
blame yourself.

She may have lost the one person
who actually made her feel beautiful.

But you just lost the one person
who made you feel anything.
Written by
Taylor  Tennessee
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