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Jun 2014
Here I'll say the things I can't tell you
here I'll write down the things you never knew
here I'll try to make you realize
here I'll tell the truth behind the lies

I wanted you since the first day
I wanted you but I just can't say
I wanted to grab and hold your hand
but I was afraid you won't understand
I loved you since we were eleven
and it's been six years going on seven
I loved you but I never told you
I love you still but you never knew

And now I cry because you find someone
how I regret all the things I haven't done
I wish I could start all over again
I wish I could change how things end

I should've kissed you when I had the chance
I should've picked you when we had to dance
I should've sang along when you played a song
I should've but all my chances are gone
If only I were brave enough to risk it all
but I guess I was too afraid to fall
I loved you but I let you go
I love you still but you'll never know
Written by
Lara Wan
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