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Jun 2014
I will cook you breakfast no matter what time you wake up
Comfort you when you’re sad and give you coffee in a cup
I will tuck you into sleep, maybe sing some lullaby
Make sure you are okay before I even say good bye

I will write you poems every single day of my entire life
Will kneel down in front of you, and ask you to be my wife
I will sing you songs and melodies you have never heard
For you, I will even grow a gray Dumbledore-ish beard

I will read the books you read, will watch the movies you watch
Will throw the things you want to throw, and catch the things you catch
I will love dogs, even if they scare the crap out of me
Take them to walks and maybe take one home with me

I will tell you you are beautiful every single day
Even if you don’t believe me, I’ll say it anyway.
I will tell you you are beautiful every single day
I will say it twice, but its meaning would not fade away.

I will hold your hand every time we take walks together
I will phone you every single time we are asunder
Will tie the laces of your shoe for every single run
because I will love you forever, you’re second to none

And when we both grow old, our hair grey, our eyes blurred, our teeth sans,
When we can no longer run, walk, stand, sing nor even dance
I will still love you like how I did the day we first met
And I will still love you, even if the world, I shall forget
Rudolph Musngi
Written by
Rudolph Musngi  Philippines
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