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Jun 2014
Have this feeling inside.
It's bright; why does it hide?
The darkness scares it away.
It's around and in me anyway.
I'm potential for such good,
yet evil still resides inside...

It's unexplainable, how I feel.
Such a perspective on things, so real.
I want to be good, a mirror of society;
but we all know the mirror's cracked
and everybody's in the act...

I can't begin to explain myself;
rapists, murderers, thieves, with wealth.
Cheaters, hackers, monsters, with health.
What's the point of playing by the rules;
when no one else is bothered to fuel,
a legitimate society...

I can't take it any more.
I'm not a moral sign post of law.
Why should I lose out;
when I follow without doubt.
I won't do what I'm told any more,
honesty doesn't seem to work any more...

a fool...
Sorry for the long time without a write, exams have been getting the best of me. Soon enough I'll be putting more work into this site. This poem isn't autobiographical.
Peter Watkins
Written by
Peter Watkins  19/M/England
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