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Jun 2014
“Violence is bad”, children are told,
as we hit them again for doing things wrong.

“Violence solves nothing”, we repeatedly say,
as we march off to war to get our own way.

Surrounded by rants against the evils of hate,
as another bomb is planted to end the debate.

“War is so wrong”, they forever preach,
until they crave something that is just out of reach.

Protesting for “Peace” at a Military base,
the same day the protestor ***** his best friend.

But "**** is so bad", the media bleat,
next to some ******* and a titillating piece.

“I **** you for your beliefs; you **** me for mine”,
the unbelievable ritual of the slaughterhouse kind.

So it’s “Just another war for ending all wars”,
such nonsense is spoken to justify their cause.

Disfigured by violence, a child cries “why?”,
deafened by the world’s silence and covered up eyes.

With whispers of peace, silenced by hate,
lost voices at night, and echoes of rage.

Surrounded by cries lost in the dark,
only the loudest get heard, the rest leave no mark.

So do we hate death? I reckon we don’t,
as new ways are invented to take what we want.

Our love for the battle, of guns, power and fame,
is a far too seductive and profitable game.

But longing for peace and an end to all wars,
starts inside each of us, not slogans on boards.

Until anger, greed and hatred cease inside us all,
the foundations for violence will never fall.

(c) Gordon Warren June 2014
Gordon Warren
Written by
Gordon Warren
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