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Sep 2011
Charges – Negative or Positive

The choices are plain and simple
like the site of a red swollen pimple
you can choose to take a negative charge
and just sit and watch that baby enlarge

on the other hand you surely can choose
to take a positive charge and find the sun
it's not necessary to continuously lose
bring your best smile and offer it to someone

you are sitting here inside of my mind
I'm searching for the right words to say
things just seem to get harder everyday
I don't want to seem uncaring or unkind

so hook your heart up to a particle beam
I'm hoping you will chose a positron
the eyes that glow really turn me on
they curl my collar and make me steam

your voice in my ear I get like a drunken sailor
I can feel the charge believe me it is positive
you quicken my pulse even more Swift then Taylor
these are the things that make me want to live

so the circle goes round makes me so merry
sweet are your lips like a chocolate strawberry
the world is so perfect though we don't seem to know
any charge at all can make a positive glow

Gomer LePoet...
David Nelson
Written by
David Nelson  Missouri
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