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Jun 2014
It's a confusing puzzle,
But still holds true:
You can't live with me;
I can't live without you.

Life is but a journey,
I chose to go through with you;
But now that you won't have me,
It's hard for me to continue.

Fate is a bitter cruel harpy,
With her sisters she conspires
For the death of my Love,
As your Love for me transpires!

Hope is a painful therapy,
It burns while nursing Time's stabs;
But the scars strengthen Experience,
As it assists to keep Reason's tabs.

Love and Reason are antithesis,
That can't co-exist;
But their affinity is such
That to be together they persist.

Perfection in Love is when
There is room for Reason;
But when Reason and Logic court,
Love calls it Treason!

Love is unfair and immature,
And still as pure as a dove;
But there's no use of Reason,
With the death of Love.

This poem is an analogy:
Which in life stands true;
It's no use of me loving you,
If there's no hope for you to love me too.
It's astonishing that we are capable of feeling all-consumed in love, even when our feelings are unrequited or love is lost. We hope, and don't just stop at that...we try to make that singled-out subject of our love happy at every turn and crossroad. No matter that every time we get close enough, the ache of not being with them threatens to tear us apart!
Ah! The human mind and it's impossible romantics! :)
Shruti Atri
Written by
Shruti Atri  Mumbai, India
(Mumbai, India)   
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