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Nov 2010
Have you ever just stood still,
felt the world move beneath your feet.
Have you ever let something happen,
be calm, be still, be you.

Have you ever just been honest,
but no one really believes.
Have you ever tried to be calm,
but everything leaves you not to be.

Have you ever just been tired,
of the drama, the hurt, the lies.
Have you ever taken yourself away,
and looked at the situation from afar.

Have you ever really noticed,
how much we over react.
Have you ever heard something and assumed,
or heard a lie and thought it to be true.

Have you ever been a culpret,
of lieing, assuming, starting drama,
of trying, crying, fighting for what's right,
of lonliness, trying, of breaking down.

We all do it,
we're all guilty,
we're all tired,
we're all *HUMAN
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
   Emily Krol
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