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Jun 2014
I don't need you to say you're in love with me.
I just need you to tell me that it's all worth it, that what I'm going through for you isn't going to be a wasted effort. I need you to tell me that if I give you the best years of my life you won't make me regret it, because I know for a fact that my mind isn't going to change. I know because no matter what you've said and done I've always forgiven you and I've always seen past the bad decisions and remembered the good in your heart that you've kept so well hidden. I know because of the fear that almost paralyzes me at the thought of losing you, I've known because the way you hold me is the only way I ever want to be held again.
But I don't want to give you my whole life if you can't tell me that it won't be a waste, if you can't promise that in time you'll trust me with your heart and not push me away.
I don't need you to tell me you're in love with me.
I need you to trust me with your heart, so maybe one day you can love me. All I need is hope for that, and I will lay it all down on the line.
Because no matter how many times people tell me it's a bad idea to trust you, I've done it anyway.
Rebecca Scull
Written by
Rebecca Scull
   Joseph Little
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