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Nov 2010
In the middle of winter, my heart is the one filled with cold winds
If I look towards the skies, the white clouds passing on as to say goodbye.
Voices of deep pain, try to convince my ways of thought,
As cries of old pleadings, want to stop this anguish of lust.
.. ..

You were like the last desert rose, my only essence in life.
As I search for summer, to calm my internal blizzard.
A cold darkness is what is holding you away from me, my love.
But I am the only one to blame, It was me who was afraid and ran away.
.. ..

I couldn’t imagine my life with you…your a gentle soul , a warm breeze,
And my heart as cold as the night, afraid to let in the summer winds.
.. ..

But its now in your absence, that I have come to love the seasons.
I extend my hand to the darkness awaiting, the return of my desert rose.
Soon spring is upon us, and the cold winds will begin to fade away,
And the cries of old pleadings now want to regain the passion, once again.
.. ..

The white clouds will bring back to me, my essence of life…
Now I can't imagine my life without you, you’re my gentle soul, my warm breeze.
The warmth of the seasons will calm my heart and my desert rose will set me free.

Gentle Soul...
O'how I love thee...
Written by
Jacquelyn Cruz
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