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Jun 2014
"Robert, what do you see, tell me
Out beyond those high mountains
Underneath the starry sea?
Can you really eye that city
The one mother told us about?"
"Sister, calm your urge, its been awhile
Maybe get a shut eye, and then
Maybe back to your silly dreams"
"But.. But.. Brother, you've grown,
Grown over the summer,
Really, only you can see,
I've been meaning to climb the wall,
If you plan to be so mean to me"
"Tiffany, the time isn't right,
See, I've been busting my brains out,
On that silly homework, Miss Pittypat
Handed over to me.
Maybe tomorrow, or the day after,
But till then won't you hold off
On your wall climbing strategies?"

"Say, brother! Wake up
You've been snoring too loudly
I bet you had the best sleep.
Now, come, won't you,
I've been waiting eagerly,
Today, you'll tell me,
What you see beyond the breeze!"
"Tiffany, alright,
You've been pestering me all day,
Grab my coat and yours,
Today we'll solve that mystery!"

"Careful,Robert, those branches do look weak,
Keep your eyes on your step,
Last thing I want is for you to fall, oh dear!"
"Sister! You should see this, what beauty revealed.
Mother was right, I see the lights line the sky
And I say, those aren't stars,
They're are the bright city lights,
Oh how pleasing to the eye!"
"Oh why! Why should I be so small
That I can't see the world outside
Robert, tell me, is it the most wonderful sight to see?!"
"Tiffany, sweety, I promise you'll see it one day
There, I can almost feel the lights beckon me to come away!"
"Will you go brother, away to the city?
If you do, tell me, you'll take me along with you!"

"Sister, its a fact, mother needs you here now,
Besides, you need to learn the lessons that begin at home,
Now your wings might seem clipped, but believe me,
They're not ready to fly out yet.
One day, when the time is right,
You'll find your way out.
Come join me then, I'll  be waiting, alright!"

"All that matters now is that you grow and nurture
Mature and understand.
This life, take one step at a time,
Dont grow up way ahead, and forget your innocence,
Increase in knowledge and the world will welcome you with both open hands."
My first try at this.
Meenu Syriac
Written by
Meenu Syriac  India
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