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Jun 2014
They watch from the shadows, they hide in plain sight.
Weapons that whisper silence and death, Masks that hide truth.
Illusions are revealed to be lies, Kings and peasants will die alike side by side.
Lights dwindle and shadows flicker, the night is young.
The path of the assassin is hard they are always in death's backyard.
The traits of the skilled, the doers of evil are all laid before the assassins creed.
Shadows and steel, poison and guile are some of the tools an assassin needs.
Walkers of shadow and light, the invisible stalkers assassination done for the greater good.
Where assassins enemies reign it's a world of fear and pain.
It is they who commit that deadly sin to inflict so much pain the mind simply cannot take.
An assassins creed is law for assassins are a brotherhood in arms.

Written by Kelly O'Hara 5th June 2014
Written by
Kelly O'hara  Scarborough
       NuBlaccSoul, r and Dark Jewel
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