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Jun 2014
No one forgot my birthday
Except for me
So I got myself a belated gift
A Cheshire Cat, you see

You picked her of all the strays
For one simply perfect thing
She wore the same red hair,
And same green eyes as me

Then a month went by
Before I got the call
I should have read
The ruby writing on the wall

So now I have the same dream
Every night, like clockwork
You sit next to me on the curb
Gazing in my eyes with that stupid smirk

You drop me off at the bar
And ask me if I'm okay
I smile, and lie with all my heart
"I know I'll see you again someday"

I empty my wallet
To give you everything I have
"Just drive away into the sunset
And never ******* look back"

Then I disappear inside
You follow me like a familiar ghost
Aiming that sleek '45
Where you know it will hurt me the most-

That's when you end it
Right through the temple
Your final confession
So beautifully simple

What a lovely interlude
It always makes me cry
But occasionally, from time to time
I feel you wipe the tears from my eyes

And the thing about my cat
Her eyes aren't green anymore
For the day I got the news
They turned light brown, like yours
Rest in Peace, Q
Written by
Kat  Amarillo, Texas
(Amarillo, Texas)   
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