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Nov 2010
Look around the room,
look at everyone around you.
People who are friends,
that you now call liars.

Look at all the faces,
all the girls who are telling you.
Look at all the stories,
all of the complete facts.

People you trust,
people who you love.
People that love you,
who are only looking out for you.

But you refuse to believe,
so we go to great lengths.
We're trying to make you see,
what's really going on.

What you don't see,
is the second half of this.
The story he's hiding,
the second half of the message.

What you're blind to,
is the reality behind this lie.
What you need to see,
so that you don't get hurt.

Don't you see?
Don't you understand?
We're not trying to hurt you.
We're trying to help you.

We go to great lengths,
we put ourselves on the line.
You may think we're lieing,
that we're being nothing but rude.

But hunny, look around,
look at all the stories.
Hunny, please begin to see,
what we're doing here.

It's a John Tucker situation,
we're living a movie now.
It's sad, but it's the truth,
and I promise I won't quit.

Not until you understand,
not until you see.
Hunny, look at the man before you,
and compare him to us.

One man's story,
3 girl's "Lies".
Look at yourself,
who do you believe now?
Jolene Perron
Written by
Jolene Perron
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