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Jun 2014
she's got me thinking about her not dreaming about her,I admire her laughter and motion thereafter, she's made me a stalker it's hard to admit to the matter, we should be lovers to feed your heart's hunger.
this girl, this girl is the ****, my mind may be cluttered with dirt than a bit, but her sight clears it all just a glance just one hit. her eyes tell a story that I can't unfold, I yearn for the moment where life will be paused, as she tells me a story of how she turned bold. I want us to be friends and dig deep down your soul, so I can find closure because I'll give my all...
I really want to get to know you, I know men usually say that, but I'm an opportunist...I seek for understanding in a woman....and the only way to find that is to have a conversation with one.
Written by
Benedict Menda
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